Sunflower Honey Creamed (17.6oz) Darbo of Austria


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D’ARBO Creamed Sunflower Honey from Austria (500g jars).

Sunflower fields are a real flower paradise for bees, as the sunflower produces a lot more nectar than usual flowers. The end product is this delightful creamy honey that seduces you with its wonderful aromatic taste.

Creamed honey has been made for generations by the bee keepers of Austria. The honey is stirred every day over a 3-4 month period. Instead of crystalizing hard the honey takes on a creamy consistancy due to the stirring process. Creamed (seed honey) is added to the new batch and stirred in. As the honey crystalizes the developement of larger crystals is prevented by the constant stirring. This honey has a creamy spreadable texture.

Since 1870, Austrian company “DARBO NATURREIN” (ALL NATURAL) has been producing fine quality all natural syrups, preserves and honeys. Darbo has a reputation for producing the most popular jams in Austria. Honey is enjoying a renaissance. The trend towards natural foods means a greater demand for honey. More and more people now add honey to their tea, coffee, muesli, mixer drinks and many other foods. Creamy sunflower honey is sweet and mellow.

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