Krinos Kalamata Olives 10oz Whole from Greece


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This listing is for 10oz (drained weight) tubs of KRINOS Whole Kalamata olives (extra large) in brine & vinegar from Greece.

Kalamatas are the quintessential Greek olive! Kalamata olives are grown on Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula, the authentic region for the Kalamata variety. These delightfully fruity, full-bodied Pitted Kalamatas are essential for Greek salads and the ideal ingredient for olive bread, pizza, and pasta sauces. It is an almond-shaped Greek olive (also spelled calamata ). Kalamatas are a dark eggplant color and have a flavor that can be rich and fruity. They’re often slit to allow the brine in which cured to penetrate the flesh.

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