Giusti Banda Rosa 250ml Reserve Balsamic Vinegar


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This listing is for 250ml bottles of GIUSEPPE GIUSTI “Banda Rosa” Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy.

“Banda Rosa” is the pride of the collection, an irresistible Balsamic Vinegar aged for many years in ancient casks (dating from the 1600’s), rendering a delicate flavor and aroma. It is the family reserve, a limited quantity released only after extensive aging in the most antique and special barrels, when maturation, aroma and flavor reach the level recognized by generations as “Banda Rosa”.

It has a full, brown color with a high density, intense perfume and a full bodied balsamic aroma, all contributing to it’s unmistakable bouquet. The flavor has sweet and fruity notes, boasting an equilibrium of sweet and sour typical only of the ultimate Balsamic Vinegars. It is recommended to be used according to the most noble of Balsamic Vinegars; a droplet on a strawberry or a piece of Parmesan Cheese, on ice cream or tasted and devoured alone for it’s individual taste as an elixir.

In 1598 Cesare D’Este, forced by the Emperor to abandon his beloved capital Ferrara, transferred his residence to Modena, rendering it the Este Ducal capital until 1859. In order to have a regular bureaucracy with the ability to impose taxes, the Este soon registered all the existing artisan and merchant guilds. It is the first official documentation of the Giusti family’s commercial activity, already well established in production and retail of typical Modenese products: lambrusco, “fine sausages” and above all Balsamic Vinegar, already considered the specialty of the family business. From there begins the story of the oldest, most awarded and prestigious producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Since then Giusti’s has distinguished itself in the production of a high quality Balsamic Vinegar, obtaining throughout the centuries all sorts of recognitions and honors: authors of the first documented recipe for the production of Balsamic Vinegar dated 1863, winners of 14 gold medals during glorious voyages in the Belle-Époque Old Europe, bestowed the Patent of the King of Italy in 1929. During this story Giusti has always remained the principle reference in Modena for Balsamic Vinegar, custodians of the most extraordinary existing cask reserve, composed of invaluable century old barrels, also containing vinegars of extreme aging and density sold today at auctions for mind-boggling prices. The history of Balsamic Vinegar was written before there was an international appreciation of this extraordinary liquid throughout the world. The history of Balsamic Vinegar is the story of Giusti.

Renowned not only in Modena, but around the world as the largest antique collection of rare barrels, dating as far back as the 1500s, is the “Gran Deposito” (Great Reserve) of Giuseppe Giusti. Reputable balsamic vinegar is extracted after years of aging and mixing with vinegars made throughout the centuries in the oldest barrels, drawing aromas and flavors already created centuries before. Conscious of this, the Giusti family has throughout the centuries carefully maintained the collection in order to balance the delicate characteristics of the celebrated “Giusti bouquet of aromas”.

Proud of its story, Giusti produces today a Balsamic Vinegar of the highest quality, loyal to Giuseppe Giusti’s “golden rules”, continuing to satisfy connoisseurs and food lovers around the world.

Balsamic vinegar is produced from grape juice that is concentrated by slow cooking in copper kettles. This “most” is then aged in wood casks. As the “Aceto” evaporates through the wood and concentrates, it is transfered from one cask to the next of varying types of wood and decreasing in size. Older Balsamic vinegars may have passed through 5 to 10 casks, each one a little smaller than the previous one and each one of a different type of wood.


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