*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* Roth’s Private Reserve Cheese (1Lb) Raw Milk, Wisconsin


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This listing is for a 1Lb cut of ROTH CELLARS Roth’s Private Reserve, raw milk, cave aged cheese from Wisconsin.

This normally retails for about $24.00/Lb., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a very limited amount of this fine cheese for $12.00/Lb.

Light and crumbly, Roth’s Private Reserve is cellar-aged for 6+ months in Monroe, Wisconsin until it’s perfectly perfect. Its medium-tangy flavor transforms on the tongue, turning sweet with rich honey and butterscotch notes. The texture is embedded with fine crystals that offer a surprising crunch to this raw milk masterpiece.

The best of the best.
Roth’s Private Reserve is a rare cheese, indeed. Each year, we take the best batch of our seasonal raw milk sourced locally from family farms and transform it into this prized favorite. Made in small batches in our traditional copper vats, this cheese ages in our Roth cellars to be washed, brushed, flipped and cared for by our skilled Cellar Masters until it’s reached optimal flavor — typically taking 6+ months or more. It’s a journey that’s oh so worth the wait.

Serve on a cheeseboard with toasted hazelnuts or almonds, a dollop of fig preserves and a selection of cured meats. This hard cheese is an interesting switch up from classic parm. Try it grated over pasta or pizza. A chilled glass of hard cider, dry riesling or a classic Provence-style rosé, or lighter Pinot Noir works perfectly. Almost any French or light California rosé won’t overwhelm the subtle flavor. Think light and fresh, and with just enough acid to tackle Roth’s richness

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