*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* Mont St. Francis by Capriole (1Lb mini wheel)


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This listing is for a 1 Lb mini wheel of Mont St. Francis wash-rind cheese by Capriole.

This normally retails for about $40.00/Lb., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a very limited amount of this fine cheese for $15.00/Lb.

A hard, intense goat cheese, Mont St. Francis is a washed rind cheese with a bold flavor and a pungent aroma that’s definitely in the stinky cheese category. It’s the creation of Capriole creamery in Indiana, made from their own herd of goats.

Despite its intense aroma, Mont St. Francis is rich and buttery on the inside, and is a versatile cheese to pair with just about anything – from cured meats and pickles, to sweet fig spreads and spicy mostardas. Serve this adventurous cheese alongside a Pinot Noir or a late harvest Zinfandel, and even bourbon or bitter beers.

Capriole is located in Indiana amongst verdant rolling hills and the Ohio River. Judy Schad and husband Larry amassed a herd of friendly organic goats, and started developing what would later become award-winning goat cheeses. Truly one of the pioneers of American artisan cheese-making.


Trying to think of something that this doesn’t go with–from pickles and ESB beers to shaving it on peaches burned off with bourbon and brown sugar. Chocolate also works, but our favorite condiment is a pear or pumpkin mostarda. Pairs well with: a spicy Pinot Noir; a fruity, late harvest Zin; and the sweet vanilla and caramel edges of a smooth bourbon.

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