*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* L’Empereur Tomme Corse Brebis (1Lb) from Corsica


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This listing is for 1Lb cut PIERUCCI L’Empereur Tomme Corse. Aged Sheep’s milk cheese from Corsica.

This normally retails for about $26.00 lb., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a limited amount of this fine cheese for only $12.00 lb.

Tomme Corse Brebis is produced in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which was annexed by France in 1796. Famous as Napoléon Bonaparte’s birthplace, Corsica is renown for its unspoiled forests, chestnut orchards, and exceptional produce. The distinct character and the quality of Corsican food is rooted in the island’s history and geography – an island known for its wild, mountainous interior (known as the maquis) its stunningly beautiful coastline, its charming and historic cities, and the proud identity and traditions of the Corsican people.

Although Corsica is best known for the fresh, herb-encrusted Fleur de Maquis sheep’s milk cheese, we have come to love this aged sheep’s milk Tomme just as much! Tomme Corse Brebis has a mildly sharp, sweet and tangy flavor, resembling a Pecorino from Italy. Each wheel has a natural rind that varies in color from ivory to a burnished red. Regular brushing and turning of the wheels makes them take on a rustic appearance over four months of aging. Made from raw sheep’s milk, Tomme Corse Brebis has a long, savory finish. The texture is semi-firm and chewy, with a sweet, light aroma. Perfect with a glass of red wine.

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