*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* Organic Thise Bernstein Grube Cheese (1Lb) from Denmark


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This listing is for a 1Lb cut of Organic Thise Bernstein Grube cheese from Denmark.

This normally retails for about $24.00/Lb., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a very limited amount of this fine cheese for $12.00/Lb.

“Bernstein” means amber in English, and “Grubeì” is a cave, and that’s essentially what this fantastic cheese is: an Amber cheese which is ripened at an old limestone cave in the small town of Hjerm, Denmark. The humidity within the cave allows for a cheese with more moisture and a deep, rich, and distinctive taste. Reminiscent of a medium aged gouda, Bernstein Grube is a little richer and has a unique depth of flavor and a rich, creamy mouthfeel. Located in the small Danish village of Thise, seven organic farming pioneers and one visionary dairy owner founded Thise Dairy in 1988. Since then the Dairy has grown to 73 farmers and 200 employees. The model of this organic dairy operation revolves around sustainable agriculture and sustainable living, and a giant iron cow sculpture named Jenny.

We loved this cheese with a small glass of aquavit, and found it worked well with a variety of beers (stouts and porters especially). It was also versatile with wines, with Merlot and Cabernet proving perfect partners.

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