*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* Butter Sierra Nevada Graziers Grass-fed (2x 8oz) Salted


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This listing is for an 8oz stick of SIERRA NEVADA CHEESE COMPANY Graziers Grass-fed butter from California.

This normally sells online for about $6.00 ea., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a limited amount of this fine butter for 2 for $6.00.

Sierra Nevada’s Graziers Butters, Graziers-certified cream is cultured overnight and churned to produce a high fat, full flavor that is reminiscent of old world European butters.

This European-style cultured butter is made only from grass-fed cream, rich and flavorful with 83% butterfat. Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. vat-cultures the butter for at least 16 hours, giving it a complex, sweet, and delicious taste. Try spreading it on warm, crusty bread and you’ll never go back to plain old butter again!

The certification we have formed for our Certified Graziers program exceeds Organic Standards on many levels. Our certified Graziers are third party certified to meet rigorous management standards and practice a fresh rotational grazing system. We focus on bringing unique, value added products to the marketplace. We are proud to be the first to the Marketplace with Reduced fat Goat Yogurts, Greek Goat Yogurt, Graziers certified Raw Grass-Fed Cheeses, and Natural cream cheese without the use of stabilizers or fillers.

In an age of industrialized manufacturing; our pure ingredients and simple processing provide families with the wholesome goodness of authentic, farmhouse-style dairy foods.

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