*CLOSEOUT SPECIAL* Caciobufala by Casa Madaio 13oz buffalo milk from Italy


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This listing is for 13oz cut CASA MADAIO Caciobufala buffalo milk cheese from Italy.

This normally retails for about $40.00 lb., but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a limited amount of this fine cheese for only $12.00 lb.

Playing off the evolution of Mediterranean drawn curd cheeses (sometimes called “pasta filata”), Caciobufala of Casa Madaio is pleasant, aromatic and it instantly melts in the mouth. The aroma is intense with notes of cream and butter, with a sweet and persistent taste of water buffalo milk. Made in the shape of a large drum or pill, this cheese’s production is similar to the stretching of curds you would see in provolone or caciocavallo. The taste is delicate and sweet even after longer maturation of 8 to 12 months. Produced only with buffalo milk from the dairy farm of Piana del Sel, calf rennet and salt, the curd is drawn to follow the natural rhythm of ideal maturing process. The cheese is maturated strictly in the natural caves of Casa Madaio.

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